Social Media Optimization (SMO)

With a massive population exposed to social media, Social Media Optimization (SMO) can be considered as the next big thing of marketing. SMO is designed to elicit the best use of social media communities to formulate awareness about a brand, product or an event.

As a business in Internet era, you just can’t survive without updating what you have on social media and without interacting with people sitting in different corners of the world. That’s the fundamental unit of SMO. Proper use of social media types such as RSS feeds and social networking sites will help a website to be engaged in the mindset of the users by delivering great quality of content. The main idea is to formulate various strategies to optimize a website in terms of sharing of content on social media and networking sites.

Social Media Optimization is also nominated as one of the influential factors of how a search engine collects data to rank a website or web page in search results. Users provide daily recommendations on the content of any particular website on social media. This helps a search engine to look forward to what is building the desire of users and which site is proving more appropriate in terms of content and quality. When a webpage is “liked” or “shared” by any user, it counts as a “vote” for the quality of that website. Thus, search engines can identify these votes and rank the websites accordingly.

When used productively, SMO can boost the reach of your website and providing it with a better exposure. It can be one of your impactful assets as it connects mass audience directly and it can extend your business by managing multiple media accounts at a time.