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Sectrix eMail Support

The growing dependence of business on email communication

Customer Email Support has not just remained an auxiliary business component but has in fact become a primary requirement for healthy business dealing. Email service has developed into a primary interface between the company and its customers and therefore it is extremely crucial that customer enquiries are received and responded to, well within time.

The need of outsourced support services

With a growing customer base accompanied by increasing number of customers who are connecting and enquiring via emails, it becomes tougher to manage the email communication, within the organizational constraints. An accumulation of enquiries and delay in responses can not only result in immediate business loss but can be potentially harmful to the company reputation in the long run. Therefore, Outsourcing email support is an effective way to cater to high customer enquiries while maintaining superior service quality and speed.

The SectrixEdge

Sectrix’s understands your commitment towards your customers and strives to deliver to your expectations; in the exact fashion and degree in which you try to deliver to your customers. Our QUEST expertise along with our rich experience with our wide clientele has enabled us to evolve into an up-to-date service provider and we continuously striving to improve our service levels.

Sectrix edges:

  • 24*7 support service
  • Exhaustive knowledge bank to cater to pre-sales and post-sales enquiries
  • Highly reliable email support system
  • Well trained staff who are well versed with industry requirements
  • Customized service tailor made as per client needs
  • An extensive knowledge database of standard FAQs and enquiries for further streamlining
  • Constant up-gradation and incorporation of industry-level quality practices for better and smoother service

We treat each Client’s business as a separate challenge and modulate our services as per the business and service sector. Customized solution is one of our strength capabilities and you can avail a perfectly tailor made email support for your business needs.

Success Stories

We have successfully helped our clients dynamically align their business with their customer service requirements which not only led to major expense savings but significantly helped them to re-focus on other core functionalities of the organization, all at a very affordable price.

We are using Sectrix for our customer support for our Technology company. They have been providing us with excellent service. Sectrix has assigned an excellent person to work with us, who is a quick learner, responsible and has a great attitude. Sectrix has been very responsive to all our requests, and they have been a great provider and we are very happy with their services. I would highly recommend this company.

~ Steven Jared
, CEO – JaredCo

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