The New LinkWheel Method- Very Effective

I guess most of us already knows that the old Linkwheel method (the web 2.0 properties interlink with each other and your website) is no more a valuable process as Google figured out the method for the footprint it creates and devalue them. So its a waste of time and money. Now, not all is lost:


The new method use the same concept in a way and are still using the web 2.0  properties however, this time in groups or tier. So we will create about 15 (numbers can increase or decrease) web 2.0 properties linking back to your site only, as 1st tier (Orange Boxes). We will create the 2nd tier (Green Boxes) set of web 2.0 properties linking back to your first tier web 2.0 properties however this time….. (will show to those who are interested in my package). This process ensures that the juice of these sites are passed to other web 2.0 sites which then pass the juice to the main site or your site. By this process you will find the web 2.0 pages and your site ranking very high in the search engines. (off course with bookmarking, search engine and directory submissions).