Why Should We Offer Email Support To Our Customers?

E-mail is one among the indispensable tools use today for data transmission and reception. Many establishments and organizations are outsourcing their non-voice call centre necessities, which include e-mail support services.

In recent times e-mail has become one of the most popular means of customer relationship management and data transmission. Due to this fact many organizations are resorting to outsourcing their e-mail support services. The main advantages of the e-mail

Support services are the reduced cost, non-intrusiveness, can be accessed at any time any place any where! The growth and brand building of a particular company rely heavily upon an efficient e-mail support service.

A knowledge of the most frequently asked questions and answers is required for the proper working of this service. So the need of the clients is met. The knowledge bases need to be continually improved enhanced and updated based on the interaction of the client. In order to provide improved and immediate responses to all queries of the customer the online knowledge base can also be made of use.

The expectations from service provider/providers are mainly their ability to tackle complex issues and problems. The speed with which these problems are taken care of play a major role in maintaining the reputation of the service provider/providers. Complete customer care, offering total technical support, fulfillment of the placed order, complete query resolution are some of the other expectations that are to be met by the service provider/providers.

The technology provided by the service provider should be very reliable and it should be a flexible system. The response rates are more than doubled by the activities like direct mailing and call centre follow up. The efficiency levels of these activities are increased by good focus and timely use of the telephone in order to lift the overall direct mail response, this campaign is a resource intensive business, considering all the necessary ingredients for success are added properly!!! The (CSR) customer service representatives interact directly with the customers, distributors, clients, dealers, and business partners with a particular campaign.

The e-mail support services have gained popularity due to the following reasons.

It supports resource management, it provides a reliable source of first hand information on the products and services provided, the sales are improved because of improved customer service, no busy signals are encountered and also there are no on hold delays for the customers, the ability to provide chats, push surveys, co-browse etc, no extra telecom equipment, toll free numbers or extra office space, customers with dial up ISP Access can stay online while receiving live support ,the chat transcripts are used to update the knowledge base, no problems like foreign accent are encountered in the e-mail support services , highly efficient – many chats can be handled by one chat executive…professional chat executives are hired and trained according to the desired needs….almost total service is provided on all the hours of the day and all the days of the week.